Avaya Telephone Systems in Dubai

Avaya Telephone Systems in Dubai

AVAYA telephone system is designed with collaboration in mind. It provides numerous tools for sharing information quickly and easily. Conferencing capabilities are included, as well as mobile options. You can access all voice and video capabilities right from your mobile device. Avaya is a powerful business phone system that excels with its collaboration tools. AVAYA office telephone system has the tools to enjoy voice and video features on all types of devices. It can also support up to 2,000 users, and it offers several product options to ensure you have the ideal phone for each employee. We are the best providers of Avaya telephone systems in Dubai.

Avaya Telephone Systems in Dubai

The basic calling features are call transfers, call holds, voicemail recordings and an auto-attendant. Avaya telephone systems in Dubai. A variety of products work with Avaya system, including VOIP phones and softphones.

Avaya IP500 Office Telephone System

The Avaya IP500 Office is placed at your fingertips thanks to a range of very smart, very intuitive handsets. Designed to be incredibly simple to use, the different Avaya handset models can be mixed and matched to provide a customized solution that meets both your budget and performance requirements. Check out our complete range of digital handsets , Conference Phones and IP handsets.

Avaya IP 500 V2 IP Office Telephone System

The IP Office 500 V2 communication solution can scale up to 272 telephones and 8 T1/E1 trunks; the IP Office 412 supports up to 360 telephones and 4 T1/E1 trunks.

This Avaya IP PBX system supports 8 expansion modules providing a combination of up to 272 analog, digital, and IP telephones, with capacity for 16 analog trunks or 8 digital trunks (192 T1/PRI channels or 240 E1 channels). Optionally, SIP trunks are also supported. As with the IP Office 412, additional analog trunks can be achieved by using Expansion Modules. Optional support for up to 128 voice compression channels is available.

To ensure customers can easily reach your company representatives , you need a quality phone system. Many basic calling systems are included in Avaya systems, such as call transferring, automated attendance and customizable voice mail messages.We can collaborate with customers and employees easily. If you are looking for Avaya telephone solution, We are Supporting Businesses all acros UAE that include Dubai, Abudhabi, Sharjah, Ajaman, Ras Al Kaimah and Fujairah.

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