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The Dahua LED Display offers a few benefits, for example, high brilliance, high revive rate, high difference, and high dependability. It includes indoor fine pixel pitch LED, fixed LED, rental LED, transparent LED, poster, stadium LED, and all-in-one LED. It offers digital media and professional visualization solutions to a wide range of industries, including retail, utility, sports, business, education, and others.

Product Categories


Indoor Fine Pixel Pitch LED Displays

It comprises CH series, SS series, LF series and LS series. It supports SMD (Surface Mounted Devices), IMD (Integrated Mounted Devices), GOB (Glue on board), and COB (Chip on Board) encapsulation technologies. It is applicable to various scenarios such as monitoring center, exhibition, TV station, casino, cinema.

General Fixed LED Displays

It includes PH series, EH series, and SH series. It offers high brightness, high protection, high refresh rate and other remarkable features. It is applicable to a wide range of scenarios such as airports, retail stores, shopping malls, and billboards.


Commercial LED Displays

Consists of rental LED, transparent LED, stadium LED, poster LED, and all-in-one LED, these products are applicable to various commercial display application scenarios.

Video Wall Suppliers in Dubai

Video Wall Suppliers in Dubai

Video Wall Suppliers in Dubai

Dahua provides a wide range of high quality SIRA approved Video Wall for security and commercial use. Aiger Technology is an authorized distributor for DAHUA in Dubai, UAE and Middle East.

In security center applications, Dahua provides the Video Management Platform (VMP), decoders, splicing controllers, and network keyboards. Displays are equipped with versatile HDMI, VGA, and BNC inputs which are perfectly compatible with CVI/TVI/AHD/analog cameras. Floor standing, wall mounted, and other display installation configurations make projects easier. High capacity matrix, HD network keyboards, decoders, and KVM products make security monitoring simpler, more reliable, and more convenient.

In commercial areas, LCD monitors, LCD video walls, LCD digital signage, LED displays, and interactive LCD displays provide an ideal visual solution to satisfy your needs. Control products provide low latency solutions with good synchronization performance. Content management software can provide a complete digital signage solution for users.

SIRA Approved Monitor Specifications

Monitors Specifications

2.1. General Specifications
• Monitors must be designed for continuous work 24/7 – 365 days.
• The monitor’s resolution should not be less than Full HD 1080p.
• The image size of each camera should not be less than 12 x 6.7 cm in
the display monitor.
• Monitors must be provided to display all cameras feeds, except for
the establishment that do not require the provision of a control room
and where the number of cameras is less than 64 or the number of recording devices is less than 4, and where one monitor can be
provided with a KVM switch.

2.2. Monitors at Workstations
• The monitor should not be less than 21 inches.
• For each workstation, there must be at least 2 monitors.
• The aspect ratio of the display on the monitor must be compatible with
the aspect ratio of the capturing view of the camera (4:3, 16:9, 16:10).

2.3. Wall Monitors
• The thickness of the outer frame of wall monitors must not exceed 4 mm.
• Wall monitors must allow the control of the display modes (number of
cameras to display).
• Wall monitors must allow the display of data and maps.
• Critical cameras imaging must be displayed in the central area of the full
wall monitor continuously, including cameras on entrances, reception,
help desks, passenger’s drop-off areas, elevator lobby, staircases in the
main floors, main lobby and any other cameras deemed as important by
the security officer or as per the instructions of SIRA.
• Standard cameras imaging must be displayed in the terminal areas of
the full wall monitor in the form of sets of serial cameras, provided
that the total cycle time does not exceed 60 seconds and the
number of sets does not exceed 6 sets. Then, the serial cycle
returns to the first set of cameras. (Definition of “set”: A matrix of
different cameras arranged to occupy the display space on the

SIRA Version no:- V3.1
Release Date: – 01/01/2020
Preventative Systems Manual
Law 12 of year 2016
And By Law Regulation 1-2018
Version no: V3.1
Release Date: 01/01/2020
Version note: Some linguistic corrections only

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