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Dahua LED Displays


The Dahua LED Display offers a few benefits, for example, high brilliance, high revive rate, high difference, and high dependability. It includes indoor fine pixel pitch LED, fixed LED, rental LED, transparent LED, poster, stadium LED, and all-in-one LED. It offers digital media and professional visualization solutions to a wide range of industries, including retail, utility, sports, business, education, and others.

Product Categories


Indoor Fine Pixel Pitch LED Displays

It comprises CH series, SS series, LF series and LS series. It supports SMD (Surface Mounted Devices), IMD (Integrated Mounted Devices), GOB (Glue on board), and COB (Chip on Board) encapsulation technologies. It is applicable to various scenarios such as monitoring center, exhibition, TV station, casino, cinema.

General Fixed LED Displays

It includes PH series, EH series, and SH series. It offers high brightness, high protection, high refresh rate and other remarkable features. It is applicable to a wide range of scenarios such as airports, retail stores, shopping malls, and billboards.


Commercial LED Displays

Consists of rental LED, transparent LED, stadium LED, poster LED, and all-in-one LED, these products are applicable to various commercial display application scenarios.

Auto Registration Technology in Dahua

EASY CONNECTION – Fast, Secure and Reliable Interconnection.

When the central platform or backend storage device is unable to directly manage the frontend device via IP or
fixed domain name, the Dahua Auto Registration Technology effortlessly solves this connectivity challenge.
Dahua’s Auto Registration is a protocol that seamlessly connects devices in a dynamic IP environment with the
central platform or backend storage devices with fixed IP or domain name.
By enabling the corresponding listening ports on the platform or backend storage devices, the devices can proactively
access the central platform and successfully establish a connection. It is simple to configure, requires low
investment, and effectively meets business needs.

Fast and Efficient Connection

When the front-end device is located in a remote area and cannot connect with the platform or the back-end device,
auto registration can help solve the network problem.
It is convenient for users to access and control the device remotely at any time, ensuring immediate response and
efficient management.


Simple Configuration

The Dahua Auto Registration Technology provides users with a simple and fast configuration method, eliminating the need for complex network settings and manual configuration.
The operation process is simple and the technical requirements are low, making it more convenient to manage devices.


Reduced Costs

• It adapts flexibly to the customer’s existing network environment and effectively reduces network deployment costs.
• By implementing port mapping, customers do not need to deploy dedicated VPN lines or use a separate public IP address for server/backend devices.
• It offers fewer deployment nodes compared with other device access methods, thus reducing server operation and maintenance costs.

Solutions and Products


Application Scenarios

Remote Area:

Pain Points:In outdoor areas such as forests, the network environment is complex and constantly changing.
Solution: With Auto Registration function, devices can be managed in batches. This enables real-time data transmission and analysis, timely monitoring and protection of important facilities and resources in remote areas.

Retail Store:

Pain Points:In a retail chain scenario, stores are often dispersed in different locations, making it costly to deploy fixed networks.
Solution: The solution simplifies the device on-boarding process and eliminates the hassle of managing deployments across multiple locations. The front-end device pushes real-time data to the platform/back-end, achieving an effective surveillance without blind spots, reducing loss and improving marketing effectiveness.

Construction Site:

Pain Points:Construction sites are mostly temporary and large in size. Wiring is inconvenient and establishing a basic network is difficult and costly.
Solution:Our technology proactively connects front-end devices (scattered in key areas) to the platform/back-end devices. The real-time transmission of data makes it easier to monitor the entry and exit of personnel and vehicles, thereby ensuring safe operation in the site.

Dahua Wireless Series

Dahua Wireless series cameras not only achieve easy installation and operation but also excellent performance and cost-effectiveness. By adopting the latest wireless technology, users can easily install and use the camera without tedious cabling, achieving true wireless. In addition, the camera is equipped with auto-tracking, human detection, privacy mode, two-way talk, smart dual light, proactive deterrence, and other functions. These cameras are widely used in small and medium-sized scenarios such as small-sized retail stores.


Hero Series

Smart Shop Assistant

Hero is an acronym for the House & Enterprise Remote Observer
• 360° Monitoring Without Blind Spots
• Traces the Path of the Target
• Protects Your Privacy
• Communication Anytime, Anywhere

Turret Series

Witness & Secure Every Moment

• Captures Full-color Details (-LED model)
• Provides Traceable Audio Details (-LED model)
• Multiple Night Vision Modes to Meet All Needs (-PV model)
• Provides Instant Alarms to Deter Intruders (-PV model)
• Focuses on Target, Saves Labor Costs

Bullet Series

Smart Weather-proof Guardian

• Captures Full-color Details (-LED model)
• Provides Traceable Audio Details (-LED model)
• Multiple Night Vision Modes to Meet All Needs (-PV model)
• Provides Instant Alarms to Deter Intruders (-PV model)
• Focuses on Target, Saves Labor Costs
• Reliable and Durable

Picoo Series

All-weather, All-around Protection

Picoo is an acronym for PiCamera for Outdoor Observation
• Multiple Night Vision Modes to Meet All Needs
• 360° Monitoring Without Blind Spots
• Provides Instant Alarms to Deter Intruders
• Reliable and Durable

Dahua Memory Storage Solutions

Dahua has been developing its own NAND flash products to provide customers with reliable storage solutions, including SSDs, memory cards, USB flash drives, and more. Dahua provides consumers with a variety of memory products, including SSDs, memory cards, external storage, USB flash drives, and DRAM. These products have various specifications to meet most customers’ needs and can be customized.


SSDs come in a wide variety of models that support the SATA or PCIe protocols, making them perfect for anyone who demand fast performance, like designers or gamers. Popular solutions with a range of capabilities and performance are USB drives. They are available in a variety of styles, including as regular, 2-in-1, and solid-state variants. Two-in-one USB drives are the best for connecting to many devices since they have both a type-A and type-C interface. A SATA SSD’s data transmission performance can be matched by the solid-state USB, which is approximately five times faster than typical USB 2.0 goods. Memory cards have a limited seven-year warranty and go through a thorough testing process to ensure their quality. Additional external storage options include PSSD and eHDD, which are compact, portable, and take up less space.

Surveillance Level Products

Dahua’s SSDs and memory cards—specifically designed for CCTV systems—are ideally compatible with Dahua video recorders and IP cameras. Surveillance SSDs can be used in Dahua’s vehicle MNVR and MXVR. Furthermore, Dahua will release SSDs adapted to NVR/XVR.

Surveillance SSDs and Memory Cards have good seismic performance and are suitable for vehicles, traffic, and other scenes. W100 and H100 memory cards have high durability and support a wide range of high temperatures. Upgraded algorithms provide faster data writing and improved overwriting capabilities to reduce data loss and ensure stable system performance, providing 24/7 operation with low power consumption. SSD speed degradation is unavoidable after the first time of full storage, but the algorithms improve this situation by optimizing data recording speed. This doubles the life of the SSD, ensuring data security.


Dahua AcuPick Technology


Dahua AcuPick technology uses both front-end and back-end intelligence to help users efficiently locate targets in massive video data more conveniently, quickly, and accurately.

Quicker Search
AcuPick can quickly locate video clips of human/vehicle targets, saving up to 99% searching time.
Easier Operation
Compared with traditional searching mode, AcuPick only needs 1 pick to extract targets, saving lots of complex operation.
High Accuracy
AcuPick provides users with high accuracy through its comprehensive eigenvalues for human and vehicle targets.
Reduced TCO
With lower operation costs and no expensive computing server needed, the total cost of ownership is significantly reduced.

Key Technologies

Directly locate the target: Users can quickly and easily filter out vast amounts of useless information and locate the relevant video clips of their target.

Smart search by intrusion: Users can draw an intrusion rule to search for video clips during SMD playback, helping then to quickly and easily identify the target that entered the area.

Just one pick: AcuPick is super easy to use. Users can search in preview or playback with just one pick! With just one click, users can freeze the video and frame the target.

Enabled by default: In IPC WizMind S & NVR5-EI, AcuPick is enabled by default. Utilizing AI computing power, it can quickly and accurately extract attribute information of targets. Additionally, Perimeter Protection can be turned on simultaneously on the IPC side.

Smart secondary search: AcuPick can perform a second accurate search based on the search results. Click the freeze option in the search and playback interface to freeze a frame. The system will automatically extract the detected target. Click the detected image to complete the second search.

High Accuracy

• IPC/NVR extracts and models the target’s appearance details through an algorithm, mainly focusing on the appearance characteristics of the human body, such as clothing color, clothing style, gender, body shape, and other relevant information.
• It aims to determine whether the person/vehicle of interest appeared elsewhere at a distinct time captured by a different camera or the same camera at a different moment in time.

Dahua Full-color Cube


Dahua  Full-color Cube Camera is a unlock color magic that combines Full-color, Smart Dual Light and other technologies into infinite possibilities of innovation. It features panoramic vision, more personalized and flexible settings, intelligence at will, and future growth. The Full-color Panoramic series achieves a wider range of vision coverage by utilizing the capabilities of both Full-color Duo and PT cameras.

Full-color DUO

Seamless 180 FOV: Seamless 180° image, saving equipment cost and installation cost compared with normal camera.

Imaging Effect:Dual F1.0 Aperture Lens and Dual 1/1.8″ CMOS Sensors create a better imaging effect in low light conditions.

Easy Installation: 3-axis rotation makes installation more convenient.

EPTZ: Panoramic image with multiple target details.


Full-color PT

Pan & Tilt: Wider monitored area, less blind spots.

Easy installation and remote adjustment: Supports wall mount, ceilling mount, and various brackets, making installation and adjustment on various surface easier and more convenient.

The Full-color technology achieves 24/7 full-color images. Meanwhile, the Smart Dual Light provides a flexible solution to users who need the right lighting at the right time, enabling them to focus on the real threat in real time.

• Records full-color videos of key events when the warm light is on.

• Warm light active deterrence warns off intruders in the scene.

• Reduces light pollution in ordinary hours, making it suitable for warehouse, retail checkout, etc.

TiOC, short for Three-in-One Camera, offers full-time protection before, during, and after an event through the innovative integration of Smart Dual Light, Active Deterrence, and AI.


Dahua DeepHub Smart Interactive Whiteboard

Dahua DeepHub Smart Interactive Whiteboard is the Deeper Participation, Higher Inspiration. All-in-one design that meets modern classroom requirements. Offers diverse methods to involve students in classes and to inspire active learning.
Enriches classroom interactivity and expands remote learning opportunities.

Fluent Writing Experience
Achieves low writing parallax and latency for a paper-like writing experience. Teachers and students can enjoy a better interaction with ideas bursting from the tip of their pens and fingers.
Easy Content Sharing
One-tap wireless screen sharing allows teachers to present multiple interesting materials and students to display their work. It supports up to 9 split screens to encourage participation. The 4K UHD display brings super clear visual experience.
Built-in Camera & Microphone
Distance is never a limit for learning. High quality video conferencing and remote collaboration achieve life-like face-to-face communication, allowing students to remotely join their classes and interact with their teachers and classmates.
Powerful AI Functions
Empowers teaching with AI capability. Handwriting Recognition automatically interprets intelligible handwritten texts and graphic inputs. Gestures Control allows easy operation for teachers in any corner of the classroom. Voice tracking and Auto Framing are suitable for various remote teaching scenarios.
*Only available on MC470 series
Educational Tools Compatibility
Effectively assists teachers in each teaching phase, including easy lesson preparation, interesting class organization and in-time performance assessments. It encourages students to fully participate in class activities such as video, games, quiz, etc., and inspires them to explore.
Centralized Device Management
Saves labor costs through its remote device maintenance and management, optimizing device status, protecting information security and upgrading system and applications to the latest version.

Dahua DeepHub Lite


Dahua DeepHub Pro



Dahua DeepHub Pro


Authorized Dahua Distributor in Dubai

We are authorized distributor in Dahua Dubai. Dahua is focused on giving its most noteworthy quality items with the most recent advancements to empower end clients to play out their business effectively. We are provide the wide range of it & security solutions such as CCTV camera, access control & biometrics solutions, time attendance system, IVR, video recording.

Dahua IPC WizMind S Camera

Dahua IPC WizMind S Camera

Dahua IPC WizMind S Camera Delivers Enhanced Image Clarity and Enriched AI Functions

Dahua has released the latest upgrade of its IPC WizMind 5 series that offers stronger computing power. Upholding the accumulated technology of IPC WizMind 5 series, the IPC WizMind S series takes user experience to a whole new level in terms of excellent image effect that meet the requirements of various application scenarios. It is equipped with multiple intelligent functions, offers credible adaptability, and even comes in plastic-free packaging, enabling better image performance, promoting environmental sustainability, and providing global clients with smarter vision and stronger shield.

Excellent Image Effect

The IPC WizMind Series realizes optimum image quality through an array of image-enhancing technologies that meet complex challenges of security scenarios.

AI-Powered Image, as it name suggests, is created through AI and provides full-image clarity of various environments. The overall brightness of the footages under low light condition is more balanced, and key targets can be focused intelligently through deep-learning algorithm to remove noise and restore details. In addition, this series is equipped with WDR technology that automatically adjusts overexposure or underexposure and even makes moving objects in the image clear and recognizable. It also has Time-Division Exposure technology for clearer snapshots when intelligent functions are being used (e.g. Video Metadata).

Deeplight, which is an upgraded low-illumination image effect from Starlight and Starlight+, uses deep-learning algorithm to process images, thus reducing image noise and achieving optimal images with higher clarity and better color details at night.


IPC WizMind S series another unique feature is Image Distortion Correction that adopts distortion correction algorithm to capture more natural and more realistic video footages. Compared with previous products, activating this feature significantly reduces loss in the field of view of the scene.


Multiple Intelligent Functions

The new IPC WizMind S series offers various intelligent functions such as Video Metadata which detects human, vehicle and non-motor vehicle targets, takes snapshots, and performs accurate attribute analysis. It is also equipped with Smart Sound Detection which distinguishes between different sounds, such as screams and glass breaking. An upgraded Heat Map functionality is also available (can be used in conjunction with people counting). Other intelligent functions include: Face DetectionSmart Object Detection of abandoned or missing objects; enhanced Perimeter Protection to better recognize specific activities of human and vehicle targets, such as intrusion, tripwire, fast-moving targets, parking, loitering and gathering; and more functionalities for different applications.

Credible Adaptability

In situations where continuous 24/7 monitoring is essential, or where there is an unreliable power supply, the IPC WizMind S series provides operational flexibility in the field with dual power backup. This allows automatic switching to another power source (without restarting the IPC device) if one of the power supplies fails, ensuring continuous operation of the camera.


The H models of this series are also equipped with: P-iris precise lens aperture control, providing more accurate light input control; dual mics for longer sound pickup distance; anti-corrosion coating for use even in harsh coastal areas; and a heater that enables operation in temperature environments as low as -40oC.

Plastic-free Packaging

In terms of the environment, your conscience can remain clear because WizMind S products are supplied in environmentally friendly packaging, using plastic-free and biodegradable materials to securely package cameras and accessories including paperboard inserts, plastic-free box surface, PLA bags, and non-toxic protective box coating. It has also undergone high drop test to ensure its stability and durability.


The IPC WizMind S series is suitable for application scenarios such as sports stadia, transport hubs, busy urban settings and retail premises, as well as large remote sites that need continuous surveillance. So, if you need cameras that provide optimal performance in terms of superior image clarity, intelligent monitoring functions, accurate detection and recognition, credible adaptability, and eco-friendly packaging, then the IPC WizMind S series is an ideal choice for you.

Dahua Solar Camera


Dahua Solar Camera Integrated Off-grid security solution combines 4G network transmission technology with video surveillance (including Al functions), and applies solar power technology to form an integrated off-grid monitoring system. It is suitable for non-power and grid-free environments, and brings users more comprehensive, accurate and intelligent monitoring deployment solutions.

Troublesome wiring and long construction period

Traditional outdoor monitoring installations require laying large cables and networks. For some remote areas, it is difficult to pull cables and troubleshoot.

  • In remote areas , it’s difficult to pull cables, obtain power supply and overlay network.
  • Some regions and scenes cannot be wired.
  • Long construction period, large investment.
Cumbersome installation and high project cost

Different from the traditional way, the off-grid solution uses solar energy and wireless transmission technology to meet the needs of outdoor monitoring deployment. Although it solves the problems of wiring, construction period and maintenance, there are still some shortcomings for small scenes monitoring:

  • Separate solar energy system is huge and inconvenient to transport.
  • Each part is installed independently, which is cumbersome and difficult.
  • It’s inconvenient to disassemble and transfer.
Expensive maintenance and poor system stability

Many do not support basic operation and maintenance functions, and subsequent maintenance costs are relatively high; similar products on the market have uneven quality and relatively poor system stability. Once there is a problem with the outdoor monitoring system, it is necessary to go to the site manually for troubleshooting;

  • Long-distance transmission and monitoring, inconvenient management and maintenance.
  • Without basic maintenance functions, it is impossible to obtain on-site fault data in time.


No extra network cable and power cord connection is required

The monitoring equipment is powered by the solar power generation system, without any power system cables;
The built-in 4G module of the camera is used for remote transmission of monitoring data without any network cable connection. Flexible networking and convenient deployment.

Integrated structure, convenient installation and deployment

The integrated design simplifies the installation. The whole system can be directly installed on the pole/wall, greatly reducing the construction cost. And hidden line design makes the overall system more artistic and safe.

Excellent performance and long standby time

Monocrystalline silicon solar panel and MPPT solar controller are adopted, with higher conversion efficiency. It is equipped with high-performance lithium battery and low-power 4G camera. It can also support ultra long standby without any light. It is suitable for more application scenarios that need monitoring deployment.

High protection, all-weather operation

The li-battery, controller and other key components are provided with structural protection, meeting the protection grade of IP66. It also has excellent lightning protection performance. The camera meets the protection grade of IP67. The overall structure is firm and stable. It is specifically designed for outdoor use. There is no impact in bad weather. As low as minus 40 ℃, the system can still operate normally; It is also suitable for extreme weather, such as strong wind and rainstorm.

Mobile terminal display and remote maintenance

The monitoring screen and battery information can be displayed through the mobile APP. The intrusion alarm and low battery alarm can be pushed in time, and the status of the entire monitoring system can be understood in real time.

Dahua Solar Camera in Dubai

Dahua Dubai Solar Camera
Dahua Dubai Solar Camera

Dahua CCTV Cameras

Dahua CCTV Cameras in Dubai UAE

We offer the most up-to-date and cost effective cameras and accessories to provide you with the most comprehensive security solution.To support the most sound investment decision for the security of your business or home, Aiger Technology offers a great variety of cameras. However, to help you make the right choice to suit your CCTV needs, we have categorized cameras in four broad categories:

Digital Cameras

Digital CCTV technology has become a very popular appliance in the modern office and home. As deterrent to unwanted visitors or as information provider, it is hard to live without the benefits of CCTV once these have been experienced.
We have a range of CCTV systems specially designed to be effective in most office or domestic locations, simple to install and most importantly cost effective. We will guide you through the challenges of getting connected through the internet.

Network Camera

Based on open IP standards, network cameras connect to any kind of IP network, including the Internet, and enable remote viewing and recording from anywhere in the world. They also provide advanced video analytics features, such as motion detection, audio detection and tampering alarm.

Dahua CCTV Products is brilliant in creating a solution with advanced security cameras that are good for both indoor and outdoor surveillance. We have proved that our goals remain the same by providing quality service in the market. You can be certain that all the solutions we offer meet the latest industry standards and is appropriate for external or internal surveillance – for home or business cctv.

CCTV surveillance is rather a great security measure to keep an eye on the activities. Example, in industries, office buildings, schools, homes, public spaces, etc. Dahua Security offers great tools to evaluate performance, optimize decisions, identifying a problem, or its solution. We are the leading Dahua CCTV Authorized Distributors in Dubai, UAE