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VOIP Gateway Dubai

What Is A VoIP Gateway?

A VoIP gateway is used to build a bridge between the worlds of legacy telephony and the VoIP.  Gateways are typically used to connect legacy phone systems (PBXs or ACDs) with VoIP resources, or to connect modern VoIP phone systems with legacy phone lines. VOIP Gateway Dubai

Adding VoIP to a legacy PBX system is a great way to add features and reduce costs.  The gateway connects to the legacy system through either analog or digital trunk ports.  The PBX sees the gateway as either the phone company or as another networked PBX.  Calls from the PBX to the outside world are converted into VoIP calls and sent over the Internet to a VoIP service provider or other VoIP peer.  Calls coming from VoIP sources are converted into the appropriate legacy protocol and delivered to the PBX.

Using a gateway to connect a VoIP phone system to traditional phone lines makes sense in situations where SIP trunks are not available or where your application requires the reliability of the PSTN. It also makes it easy to build redundant systems. The gateway normally communicates with a primary IP PBX. In the event of a failure on the primary the gateway can communicate with a backup system.


Other uses for VoIP gateways include staged migrations, where the gateway acts as a bridge between the PSTN, a legacy PBX and a new IP PBX.  In this case, the PSTN trunks are connected to one interface on the gateway.  Another interface connects to the trunk port on the legacy PBX.  The new IP PBX is integrated over a VoIP protocol (generally SIP). The gateway directs some incoming calls to the legacy PBX and others to the IP PBX.  It also passes calls between the two PBXs.  This allows some department or other subdivisions of the company to remain on the legacy system while others move to the IP system.

Key Facts & Features

Gateways come in several formats. Analog gateways convert between VoIP protocols and traditional analog phone lines and/or phones. Digital gateways convert between VoIP and various kinds of digital phone services: T1, E1, PRI and/or BRI, depending on the gateway.

Gateways can typically connect to multiple VoIP endpoints (devices or services), which allows PSTN resources to be shared between multiple IP communications systems.

The routing functions built into a gateway allow it to intelligently adapt calls from one medium to another. For example, they can add or remove digits in the dial string when passing a call.  They can also recognize various patterns and route them across different interfaces.

Gateways can be used to convert VoIP calls from one code to another, a process known as transcoding. This can be useful when bridging multiple VoIP solutions together.

Key Benefits

Gateways can extend the life of legacy equipment by “VoIP enabling” it.  This can include replacing traditional trunk lines with SIP trunks or routing some subset of traffic over VoIP to a remote PBX or gateway — a process known as toll bypass.

Gateways enable flexibility. Rather than moving from a traditional PBX to an IP PBX in one step, a company can stage the migration using the gateway as a bridge between the two systems.

Asterisk As A Gateway

Asterisk can be used to build a gateway using a standard computer and one or more telephony interface cards. Alternately, Digium offers a line of turnkey VoIP gateways built using Asterisk. In either case, the end product is significantly more flexible and significantly less expensive than legacy gateway products.  Asterisk’s modular, multi-protocol architecture is particularly well suited to building gateways.

Video Conferencing System Dubai


AIGER TECHNOLOGY in the UAE constantly review all manufacturers’ video conferencing products and services in Dubai, UAE. We are  are now supplying Polycom video conferencing products in the UAE. We specialise in Polycom HDX video conferencing products, video conference services and portable conference units as well providing unit hire and supplying equipment and video conference room hire. Video Conferencing System Dubai. Video Connections provide professional advice and all the latest Polycom video conferencing technology & full support and service, for all your business needs and locations.

By installing Polycom video conferencing, you have the choice to which meeting you physically attend, or hold over a live video link. By substituting 35% of your physical meetings with video meetings you will immediately recoup the cost, of the equipment installed at three independent locations.

We supplies, installs and maintains all the very latest Polycom video conferencing products in Dubai and Across the UAE.

Our Video Conferencing equipment is not only designed with large video conferences in mind using the Polycom ViewStation range, but also for the home office user with a PC desktop with the Polycom ViaVideo.

They allow high-quality videoconferencing, with ISDN and IP network connectivity, multimedia support, AES encryption, video telephony, simultaneous dual-stream video and even Voice Tracking cameras.

Polycom VSX 7000 Video Conferencing System

The Polycom VSX 7000 offers flexibility and expandability in offering users the option to add additional displays, microphones, speakers, ISDN network modules and more.

Polycom VSX 8000 Video Conferencing System

The Polycom VSX 8000 is an easy to install, high performance video conferencing system. We provide all system in Dubai.

Polycom VSX 3000 Video Conferencing Unit

The Polycom VSX3000 delivers a high quality video conference solution perfect for executive suites and offices. The Polycom VSX3000 extends the conference room to the personal office environment and doubles as a PC display when not in use in a video call.

Polycom VVX1500 Video Phone

The Polycom VVX1500 Video Phones large display and ease of use make the VVX 1500 an ideal all-in-one productivity tool for today’s busy executives and professionals, whether they are in office, retail, professional services, or healthcare environments.

DECT Phone Dubai

If you work in a small office where there is an advantage in being free from a desk bound phone, or on a large site where there is a need for you and your staff to have freedom of movement whilst remaining in contact, the use of a WiFi or IP DECT network will allow you to be able to keep in contact and give an instant response to inquiries.We provide all type of DECT phone Dubai

A WiFi or DECT telephone network consists of a fixed radio base station attached to the public telephone network and a wireless handset, which communicates through the base station, up to a range of 300-500m. This may be reduced by buildings or walls to around 50m. However, the range of the system can be extended by using one or more ‘repeaters’ or ‘signal boosters’ between the base station and the furthest required point or weak signal areas. Systems may be analogue or digital, but DECT systems (Digital European Cordless Telecommunications) are becoming more widespread, as they generally offer better quality speech, longer talk time and a greater operating range. The handsets also tend to be smaller, lighter and more feature-rich than analogue models, and are more secure. A DECT telephone is in effect a radio transceiver, similar to a mobile telephone. It operates from either a single base station for home and small office use, or on a network of several base stations for larger offices.

All our WiFi & IP DECT handsets have access to an incoming telephone line and can use the base station for one-to-one conversations or for paging. Once contacted a conversation can take place straight away, and there are none of the additional costs associated with using mobile phones. Handsets can communicate with each other (and conference and/or transfer calls) through the base station as internal extensions. Our DECT systems incorporate voicemail/answerphone as well as PBX functions such as call logging and Least Cost Routing (LCR).


With the new snom m3, snom offers its business customers a sophisticated IP DECT phone with its numerous functions and elegant design that ideally rounds off the range of snom tabletop phones.


In many ways, the phone functions like an ordinary analog telephone. However, because it is connected to the Internet, you have to configure your phone before it is ready for use. You will need the account information that you received from your Internet Telephony Service Provider – ITSP – to complete the configuration of your VoIP phone. If you have not registered with an Internet Telephony Service Provider yet, you need to do so before you can continue with the configuration. If the phone is to be connected to a company PBX, ask your administrator for the necessary information. These provisioning and configuration guidelines describe how to set up, configure, and manage snom m3 phones. They are targeted towards administrators who have prior experience in configuring servers and VoIP gateways for SIP and in establishing IP networks.


The snom m9 is the next generation DECT handheld that empowers users with the convenience of wireless communication along with the widely accepted benefits and feature richness of Voice-over-IP telephony. The snom m9 promises to deliver excellent speech quality.

The DECT based snom m9 is the world’s first cordless device which supports the basic functions of the Microsoft® Office Communications Server 2007 R2!

Furthermore the snom m9 naturally can be integrated into several SIP based IPPBXs. Supporting 4 concurrent calls and the ability to connect up to 9 handsets, the snom m9 provides excellent value for money and is ideally suited for business and private usage.

By combining professional functions of versatile business communication with the intuitive features of the mobile-carrier world, the snom m9 is ideally suited for professional and private use alike.

The attractive design underlined by its modern look is what defines this state of- the-art VoIP wireless telephone. With features such as hands free mode, calling line identification (CLI) by displaying name, number and image of the caller as well as typical mobile-phone features such as Address Book, Calendar, Calculator and Alarm function, the snom m9 provides the perfect blend of mobility and accessibility.

The DECT based snom m9 provides interference free communication by making use of the dedicated DECT frequency band.In addition, the snom m9 delivers the typical benefits of the DECT world such as high standby time and superior speech quality in addition to internet application integration, thus providing a decisive edge over WLAN handhelds. The working range of the snom m9 Access Point is roughly 50m indoors and approx. 300m outdoors (depending on the actual topology of a building and/or outdoor premise).

The intuitive design of the snom m9 makes it a highly consumer friendly and convenient handheld device. With its illuminated keypad and TFT color display, the cordless phone is ideally suited for Enterprise and SoHo environments alike. The menu driven graphical user interface allows intuitive usage and five navigation keys provide easy access to most of the phone functions saving users from the hassle of searching through complicated menus. Furthermore, the USB interface and the large flash-memory provide an excellent potential for future enhancements.The attractive design underlined by its modern look is what defines this state of- the-art VoIP wireless telephone.

In addition, the snom m9, boasts integration possibility with Microsoft™ Office Communications Server 2007 R2, making it the only digital cordless phone in the market to offer this benefit. A further advantage of snom m9 – the terminal already supports the latest IPv6-standard. Such features combined with automatic configuration download make the snom m9 a truly unique cordless device. device.

Last but not least, the snom m9 incorporates the renowned SIP stack from snom with its decade long proven interoperability and technology leadership.


IP Phone in Dubai

We supply, install and maintain all types of IP Phone in Dubai

Specialists in the Supply and Repair of IP Phones in Dubai, UAE.

Based just in Dubai, we specialise in the supply and repair of CISCO, PANASONIC, AVAYA,NEC, SIEMENS, SAMSUNG, GRANDSTREAM, D-LINK, POLYCOM, YEALINK , SNOM, MATRIX  manufactured parts and phones, with clients ranging from small business to local government, the NHS and large PLCs.IP PHONE DUBAI

Our sales, repair and service center can offer you a fast, efficient and hassle free service along with complete peace of mind as all equipment whether new, used or refurbished is supplied fully guaranteed. .

If you require help or advice on any of the products in our range, please contact us on ad we will be happy to give you further information.

IP phones along with SIP phones, use an internet protocol that allows phones to connect to either a LAN connection or a wireless connection, and make phone calls over the internet as opposed to through conventional telephone lines. The reduction in telephone bill costs can be significant.

Many new VoIP phones also incorporate SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) to connect between users. SIP can enhance the experience of using VoIP phones as it allows users to inlcude multimedia in their conversations. Many people in the VoIP phones community have embraced the development of SIP technology which is in it’s infant stages but has the potential to bring about substantial changes to P2P communications.

VoIP phones come in many shapes and sizes and we present to you a wide range of models from leading manufacturers including corded and cordless VoIP phones and even a SIP enabled phone that can double as a mobile phone.


IP Phone DUBAI provides a full range of IP phones / VoIP phones to suit every task and budget. If you are looking for SIP-based phone, whether for an open source or proprietary system, we’ve got it.. We stock IP phones from all major manufacturers such as Cisco, Polycom, Yealink, Avaya, Dlink, Panasonic, Snom, NEC and Grandstream . 

Whether you need a legacy phone system maintained, or an entirely new communications system for multiple offices, AIGER TECHNOLOGY in Dubai, is the answer you have been looking for. As our expertise in Telephone system Dubai, you can rest assured that we can fully integrate a communications system that will best leverage your existing or future infrastructure. AIGER TECHNOLOGY supply products all over UAE. That include Dubai, Abudhabi, Sharjah, Ajman & Rak. You can Use our free consultation for choosing right product for your business. Our highly professional installation team can handle small to big Projects including Call center setup and sip trunk between multiple offices.

To discuss your own business phone system needs, please contact AIGER TECHNOLOGY in Dubai, UAE to discover the full range of Telephone system services we provide to ensure your communication systems are ready for anything.


IP PBX Dubai



Small business IP PBX phone systems today are increasingly more sophisticated. Here’s a quick comparison of a conventional small business IP PBX system and a Unified Communications system that combines an Internet Protocol (IP) PBX and other features. IP AND PBX SYSTEMS DUBAI

Since the establishment of AIGER TECHNOLOGY, in Dubai, UAE we have supplied and maintained a wide variety of telephone systems and IP PBX Dubai to small and large businesses, including leading blue chip companies here and abroad. We pride ourselves with our knowledge, and have built up an excellent reputation in the industry. This reputation has been built up over the years in Dubai -UAE by offering an exceptional personalized service and an unmatched level of customer support to our clients. This has made us to our clients the first point of contact for all aspects of telecommunication services. We are also installers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, Um Al Quwain, Al Ain, UAE


A stable and robust system of communication is one of the most important factors which contribute to business success and help maintain long term fruitful relationship with clients, vendors and employees. The ability to communicate both internally and externally is of paramount importance when it comes to ensuring that business processes run smoothly, and every company needs an efficient telephone system to take care of all communication needs. At AIGER TECHNOLOGY IP PBX Dubai , we provide industry leading telephone systems (IP PBX DUBAI) installation services in DUBAI – UAE. Our goal is to provide communications solutions which are in perfect tune with the requirements of a particular company, so as to enable them to really shine on all fronts. With years of experience in the field, we are one of the best when it comes to telephone systems installation in DUBAI – UAE.

Panasonic IP PBX / PABX Business Phone Systems


AIGER TECHNOLOGY is the leading installer of Panasonic IP PBX / pabx phone  systems integrator in Dubai, UAE. We provide Panasonic IP PBX solution in Dubai. Following Panasonic PBX systems are some of the models which we do sales and installation in Dubai , UAE.

Panasonic KX-TES 824 Advanced Hybrid PBX (KX-TES824), KX-TDA100D Hybrid IP-PBX – Panasonic, NCP500 and NCP1000 IP PBX Dubai systems.

NEC IP PBX / PABX Business Phone System

We install NEC IP pbx phone  system in Dubai, UAE. We provide NEC IP PBX solution in Dubai.


SL1000 is an intelligent cost-effective telecommunication system that is equipped with capability to adapt functions for immediate and emerging business needs, covering small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and small offices, home offices (SOHOs).


  • Room monitoring from outside
  • Warning Message during night mode
  • Remote Inspection, with auto-emergency call
  • Sensor Connectivity with auto-emergency call and warning message sending
  • Built-In Auto Answer
  • (Standby mode) during night mode
  • TDM/IP Coverage
  • ISDN Compatibility
  • Voice Mail Integration
  • Paging Announcement
  • Programmable Function Keys


The SV8100 is a unique communication Server solution for small to medium size business as up to 500 users. Its expand-ability means it can work at any level, from a technically superb phone system, to a truly advanced unified communications platform.


  • Unique interchangeable handset design
  • Unique Net link survivability between branches
  • Unique Bluetooth handset
  • Modular architecture for economical scalability
  • VoIP and traditional voice support
  • Aggressively priced
  • Embedded applications including voice mail
  • Mobile Extensions at no extra cost

Avaya IP office 500 Phone System Dubai


AIGER TECHNOLOGY is the leading installer of Avaya IP office PBX phone  system in Dubai, UAE. We provide Avaya ip office pbx/pabx solution in Dubai.

IP PBX DUBAI : The Avaya IP 500 telephone system is specifically designed for small business, the beauty of the Avaya IP 500 is that when the business is small, the IP 500 is a very affordable small office telephone system, but when the business grows, additional licenses can be purchased to enable more features. This makes the IP500 base cost lower than other telephone systems.

There are  four editions: IP Office Basic Edition, IP Office Essential Edition,IP Office Preferred Edition and IP Office Advanced Edition. All the editions offer voicemail box , auto answering system ,company greeting message and IVR System. Avaya IP office 500 can be used with combination of analog phone , IP phone and digital phone. Contact us for Avaya IP PBX DUBAI.

Cisco IP Phone for PBX Systems Dubai

AIGER TECHNOLOGY  is the leading installer of Cisco IP phones in Dubai, UAE. We provide wide varity of cisco ip phone solutons in Dubai , UAE. Our cisco ip phones are compatible with any asterisk based IP PBX system Dubai.

SPA500 Handsets
Cisco SPA500 Series IP Phones are designed to improve and simplify communications across your entire company.
From the lobby to the break room, these phones offer enough features for everyone from executives and cubicle workers to staff. Your employees stay productive, and enjoy reliable access to voice and data communications wherever they go, but your costs stay low.


It uses your LAN
An IP-PBX business phone system will reside on your network using your existing LAN. The PBX server is only a short distance away, so signaling distance and time (latency) is very short and does not depend on traveling over the Internet and other networks
Easier to configure and install than proprietary phone systems
Proprietary phone systems can be cumbersome and difficult to navigate around their software to configure and install.  An IP-PBX system will be much more familiar to computer savvy people, especially someone who has experience with  networks.  This can be especially true for Asterisk based systems that have a front-end GUI such as Free PBX.
Easy to move phones
Because phones are IP based, they are like PCs, move them from one connection to another and they find home and connect right back up to the PBX server.  No longer are the days when a simple phone move needs to have cross connects changed and a phone technician making a billable service call
Branch offices
can be added to an existing system and connected through an Internet connection.  (Again lower cost, with the IP-phones being the major cost of the hardware needed.)
Remote Extensions
employees can plug in a compatible IP- Phone at home to their Internet connection and be extension dialing.

IP PBX / PABX Phone System Solution

AIGER TECHNOLOGY  is the IP PBX phone system solution provider in Dubai, UAE. AIGER has extensive experience in advising on the best business telephone systems for you, taking care of both the supply and installation of your tailored telephone system. We supply new telephone systems such as Avaya, Panasonic, NEC, Cisco, Asterisk based , Yealink, Yeastar , Polycom , Grandstream IP PBX.

We are always happy to help and offer a free initial consultation to help you wherever you are on your telephone systems implementation.

If you want informative advice on the best solution for your business needs, then contact us

Lower operational costs over time
In addition to taking advantage of lower cost VoIP routing, purchasing your own IP-PBX lowers costs over time.  When using hosted VoIP the initial costs are most likely lower, but monthly subscription costs are ongoing and higher over time when compared to an IP-PBX.   An business owned IP-PBX will usually result in lower averaged monthly operating costs especially for systems with a higher number of users
Simpler Management
The GUI of an IP-PBX will be much more user friendly than traditional PBXs.  This allows for easier changes and additions.
Lower operational costs over time
In addition to taking advantage of lower cost VoIP routing, purchasing your own IP-PBX lowers costs over time.  When using hosted VoIP the initial costs are most likely lower, but monthly subscription costs are ongoing and higher over time when compared to an IP-PBX.   An business owned IP-PBX will usually result in lower averaged monthly operating costs especially for systems with a higher number of users
Unified Messaging
Having the ability of receiving and listening to your your messages from your Outlook inbox, along with PDFs of faxes increases communication and productivity.  Integration with work applications, such a CRM packages can help business performance.
Cost savings by connecting to VoIP providers via SIP trunking
Using SIP trunking with an in house IP-PBX can connect to lower cost VoIP providers; reducing phone bills, especially long distance and International calls.