Cloud Solutions in Dubai

Cloud Solutions in Dubai


Cloud Infrastructure is a unique service to simplify supporting and managing your corporate network. Run your IT systems without worrying about Backup, User Administration, System Management and upgrades as these are all performed as part of the fully managed service. Cloud Solutions in Dubai


Heard of the cloud, everyone telling you that’s what you need? Well to keep it simple it’s a platform that uses the internet. In other words a systems provided and managed for you by another company is public cloud services. Private cloud services is where you manage your own or rent systems/data in your own space (or we do on your behalf) that is not shared with anyone else.We provide all kind of Cloud solutions in Dubai – UAE.

We can help you maximise your cloud solutions and infrastructure, scaling them to meet your business’s needs.

We’re on hand to help with advice, installations, migration, support, cloud backup solutions and everything in between. We work with all sizes of organisations, from startups to enterprises, with offices all over the world.

Why move your business to the cloud solutions?

  • Unlimited telephone and remote support – a full-time service provided to all hosted virtual desktop customers
  • Reduce your annual IT costs by up to 50% – save thousands on recurring IT procurement and maintenance costs
  • Mitigated cost of ownership – fully scalable ‘per user’ price plan. No on-premise hardware and ongoing maintenance required
  • Reduced energy bills – move your servers to the cloud and reduce your annual electricity costs
  • Remote working – anywhere access. Work at YOUR desktop from any Windows computer 24/7
  • No initial investment required – a fully scalable ‘service-on-demand’ solution
  • No upgrade charges – all Microsoft applications upgraded to the latest version at no additional cost
  • Online backup – scheduled daily backup of all data to the cloud
  • The greener choice – decommission your server infrastructure and reduce your carbon footprint.

We can be used to build a scalable infrastructure at a lower cost, deploy new applications instantly and scale up workload based on demand — all within a security-rich platform.

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