Dahua LED Displays

Dahua LED Displays


The Dahua LED Display offers a few benefits, for example, high brilliance, high revive rate, high difference, and high dependability. It includes indoor fine pixel pitch LED, fixed LED, rental LED, transparent LED, poster, stadium LED, and all-in-one LED. It offers digital media and professional visualization solutions to a wide range of industries, including retail, utility, sports, business, education, and others.

Product Categories


Indoor Fine Pixel Pitch LED Displays

It comprises CH series, SS series, LF series and LS series. It supports SMD (Surface Mounted Devices), IMD (Integrated Mounted Devices), GOB (Glue on board), and COB (Chip on Board) encapsulation technologies. It is applicable to various scenarios such as monitoring center, exhibition, TV station, casino, cinema.

General Fixed LED Displays

It includes PH series, EH series, and SH series. It offers high brightness, high protection, high refresh rate and other remarkable features. It is applicable to a wide range of scenarios such as airports, retail stores, shopping malls, and billboards.


Commercial LED Displays

Consists of rental LED, transparent LED, stadium LED, poster LED, and all-in-one LED, these products are applicable to various commercial display application scenarios.

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