Office Automation Dubai

Office Automation Dubai

Have a retail, restaurant, commercial office project or conference room?  We can do them all!  We offer products and services in the commercial realm for Distributed Audio/Video, Lighting and HVAC control, CCTV/Access control, Board room and conference room displays and control, voice and data network wiring and infrastructure. Contact one of our commercial specialists today to get started. We also offer consulting services to design all of your low voltage projects. OFFICE AUTOMATION DUBAI


Smart Office Solutions allow you to automate the working of various components of a building. this includes lights, air conditioners, curtains, audio – video devices, access controls and security. Smart solutions are implemented with the aim of adding convenience to your lifestyle, comfort of centralized control, efficient power consumption and enhanced security.

A Office automation system embeds into the existing electrical system in a simplified manner thus allowing the smart devices to communicate with the electrical devices.

A smart office solution consists of the following main areas of control in any given space:

  1. Access Controls – Includes main gate, residential entrance and specific room entrances

  2. CCTV Cameras

  3. Lights

  4. Temperature – Air Conditioners

  5. Curtains

  6. Audio Visual devices

  7. Other electrical devices and appliances

Building Management System is an automated system that monitors the buildings’ mechanical and electrical equipment for comfort, safety and efficiency. The major services provided by AIGER TECHNOLOGY include:
  • Lighting Control System
  • Guest Room Management System
  • Home Automation Systems
  • Green Building Management Systems
The BMS normally comprises of Heating, Ventilation, Air conditioning, Trace heating, Access Control Systems, Electric Power Control and other engineering systems. The major benefits of this automated system are listed below:
  • Increasing levels of comfort
  • Effective use of maintenance staff
  • Centralized monitoring/control of the building
  • Early detection of any problems
  • Individual room control
  • Energy saver system

AIGER TECHNOLOGY  has tied up with Honeywell to offer the best BMS at an affordable rate. Beyond this, we do integrate HVAC systems, Lighting solutions, Security systems and Life safety systems without sacrificing on efficiency and productivity.

Intelligent Buildings

Intelligent Buildings: Automate, Communicate and Integrate

Achieve more with fewer resources by implementing a seamless, single-point of access to your building, fire, security and energy management solutions. Honeywell’s powerful enterprise solutions help create intelligent buildings that can provide many advantages:
  • Optimized building performance and functionality
  • Automated monitoring and control through a single, manageable platform
  • Maximized energy and operational efficiency
  • Better decision-making abilities
  • Strategic control of your facility and reduced risk
  • Lower life cycle costs
  • Increased safety and security for greater occupant comfort
  • Improved ROI over the life span of your building
The Key to Intelligence is Integration
To realize these advantages, it is key to integrate your new and existing building management systems, solutions, technologies and business processes into one platform. The result will be more efficient performance, simplified operations and more affordable growth through reduced energy and operating costs. Building integration helps protect your investments and ensures long-lasting building value.

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