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Dahua LED Displays


The Dahua LED Display offers a few benefits, for example, high brilliance, high revive rate, high difference, and high dependability. It includes indoor fine pixel pitch LED, fixed LED, rental LED, transparent LED, poster, stadium LED, and all-in-one LED. It offers digital media and professional visualization solutions to a wide range of industries, including retail, utility, sports, business, education, and others.

Product Categories


Indoor Fine Pixel Pitch LED Displays

It comprises CH series, SS series, LF series and LS series. It supports SMD (Surface Mounted Devices), IMD (Integrated Mounted Devices), GOB (Glue on board), and COB (Chip on Board) encapsulation technologies. It is applicable to various scenarios such as monitoring center, exhibition, TV station, casino, cinema.

General Fixed LED Displays

It includes PH series, EH series, and SH series. It offers high brightness, high protection, high refresh rate and other remarkable features. It is applicable to a wide range of scenarios such as airports, retail stores, shopping malls, and billboards.


Commercial LED Displays

Consists of rental LED, transparent LED, stadium LED, poster LED, and all-in-one LED, these products are applicable to various commercial display application scenarios.

Dahua AcuPick Technology


Dahua AcuPick technology uses both front-end and back-end intelligence to help users efficiently locate targets in massive video data more conveniently, quickly, and accurately.

Quicker Search
AcuPick can quickly locate video clips of human/vehicle targets, saving up to 99% searching time.
Easier Operation
Compared with traditional searching mode, AcuPick only needs 1 pick to extract targets, saving lots of complex operation.
High Accuracy
AcuPick provides users with high accuracy through its comprehensive eigenvalues for human and vehicle targets.
Reduced TCO
With lower operation costs and no expensive computing server needed, the total cost of ownership is significantly reduced.

Key Technologies

Directly locate the target: Users can quickly and easily filter out vast amounts of useless information and locate the relevant video clips of their target.

Smart search by intrusion: Users can draw an intrusion rule to search for video clips during SMD playback, helping then to quickly and easily identify the target that entered the area.

Just one pick: AcuPick is super easy to use. Users can search in preview or playback with just one pick! With just one click, users can freeze the video and frame the target.

Enabled by default: In IPC WizMind S & NVR5-EI, AcuPick is enabled by default. Utilizing AI computing power, it can quickly and accurately extract attribute information of targets. Additionally, Perimeter Protection can be turned on simultaneously on the IPC side.

Smart secondary search: AcuPick can perform a second accurate search based on the search results. Click the freeze option in the search and playback interface to freeze a frame. The system will automatically extract the detected target. Click the detected image to complete the second search.

High Accuracy

• IPC/NVR extracts and models the target’s appearance details through an algorithm, mainly focusing on the appearance characteristics of the human body, such as clothing color, clothing style, gender, body shape, and other relevant information.
• It aims to determine whether the person/vehicle of interest appeared elsewhere at a distinct time captured by a different camera or the same camera at a different moment in time.

Dahua DeepHub Smart Interactive Whiteboard

Dahua DeepHub Smart Interactive Whiteboard is the Deeper Participation, Higher Inspiration. All-in-one design that meets modern classroom requirements. Offers diverse methods to involve students in classes and to inspire active learning.
Enriches classroom interactivity and expands remote learning opportunities.

Fluent Writing Experience
Achieves low writing parallax and latency for a paper-like writing experience. Teachers and students can enjoy a better interaction with ideas bursting from the tip of their pens and fingers.
Easy Content Sharing
One-tap wireless screen sharing allows teachers to present multiple interesting materials and students to display their work. It supports up to 9 split screens to encourage participation. The 4K UHD display brings super clear visual experience.
Built-in Camera & Microphone
Distance is never a limit for learning. High quality video conferencing and remote collaboration achieve life-like face-to-face communication, allowing students to remotely join their classes and interact with their teachers and classmates.
Powerful AI Functions
Empowers teaching with AI capability. Handwriting Recognition automatically interprets intelligible handwritten texts and graphic inputs. Gestures Control allows easy operation for teachers in any corner of the classroom. Voice tracking and Auto Framing are suitable for various remote teaching scenarios.
*Only available on MC470 series
Educational Tools Compatibility
Effectively assists teachers in each teaching phase, including easy lesson preparation, interesting class organization and in-time performance assessments. It encourages students to fully participate in class activities such as video, games, quiz, etc., and inspires them to explore.
Centralized Device Management
Saves labor costs through its remote device maintenance and management, optimizing device status, protecting information security and upgrading system and applications to the latest version.

Dahua DeepHub Lite


Dahua DeepHub Pro



Dahua DeepHub Pro


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We are authorized distributor in Dahua Dubai. Dahua is focused on giving its most noteworthy quality items with the most recent advancements to empower end clients to play out their business effectively. We are provide the wide range of it & security solutions such as CCTV camera, access control & biometrics solutions, time attendance system, IVR, video recording.