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Auto Registration Technology in Dahua

EASY CONNECTION – Fast, Secure and Reliable Interconnection.

When the central platform or backend storage device is unable to directly manage the frontend device via IP or
fixed domain name, the Dahua Auto Registration Technology effortlessly solves this connectivity challenge.
Dahua’s Auto Registration is a protocol that seamlessly connects devices in a dynamic IP environment with the
central platform or backend storage devices with fixed IP or domain name.
By enabling the corresponding listening ports on the platform or backend storage devices, the devices can proactively
access the central platform and successfully establish a connection. It is simple to configure, requires low
investment, and effectively meets business needs.

Fast and Efficient Connection

When the front-end device is located in a remote area and cannot connect with the platform or the back-end device,
auto registration can help solve the network problem.
It is convenient for users to access and control the device remotely at any time, ensuring immediate response and
efficient management.


Simple Configuration

The Dahua Auto Registration Technology provides users with a simple and fast configuration method, eliminating the need for complex network settings and manual configuration.
The operation process is simple and the technical requirements are low, making it more convenient to manage devices.


Reduced Costs

• It adapts flexibly to the customer’s existing network environment and effectively reduces network deployment costs.
• By implementing port mapping, customers do not need to deploy dedicated VPN lines or use a separate public IP address for server/backend devices.
• It offers fewer deployment nodes compared with other device access methods, thus reducing server operation and maintenance costs.

Solutions and Products


Application Scenarios

Remote Area:

Pain Points:In outdoor areas such as forests, the network environment is complex and constantly changing.
Solution: With Auto Registration function, devices can be managed in batches. This enables real-time data transmission and analysis, timely monitoring and protection of important facilities and resources in remote areas.

Retail Store:

Pain Points:In a retail chain scenario, stores are often dispersed in different locations, making it costly to deploy fixed networks.
Solution: The solution simplifies the device on-boarding process and eliminates the hassle of managing deployments across multiple locations. The front-end device pushes real-time data to the platform/back-end, achieving an effective surveillance without blind spots, reducing loss and improving marketing effectiveness.

Construction Site:

Pain Points:Construction sites are mostly temporary and large in size. Wiring is inconvenient and establishing a basic network is difficult and costly.
Solution:Our technology proactively connects front-end devices (scattered in key areas) to the platform/back-end devices. The real-time transmission of data makes it easier to monitor the entry and exit of personnel and vehicles, thereby ensuring safe operation in the site.

Dahua IPC WizMind S Camera

Dahua IPC WizMind S Camera

Dahua IPC WizMind S Camera Delivers Enhanced Image Clarity and Enriched AI Functions

Dahua has released the latest upgrade of its IPC WizMind 5 series that offers stronger computing power. Upholding the accumulated technology of IPC WizMind 5 series, the IPC WizMind S series takes user experience to a whole new level in terms of excellent image effect that meet the requirements of various application scenarios. It is equipped with multiple intelligent functions, offers credible adaptability, and even comes in plastic-free packaging, enabling better image performance, promoting environmental sustainability, and providing global clients with smarter vision and stronger shield.

Excellent Image Effect

The IPC WizMind Series realizes optimum image quality through an array of image-enhancing technologies that meet complex challenges of security scenarios.

AI-Powered Image, as it name suggests, is created through AI and provides full-image clarity of various environments. The overall brightness of the footages under low light condition is more balanced, and key targets can be focused intelligently through deep-learning algorithm to remove noise and restore details. In addition, this series is equipped with WDR technology that automatically adjusts overexposure or underexposure and even makes moving objects in the image clear and recognizable. It also has Time-Division Exposure technology for clearer snapshots when intelligent functions are being used (e.g. Video Metadata).

Deeplight, which is an upgraded low-illumination image effect from Starlight and Starlight+, uses deep-learning algorithm to process images, thus reducing image noise and achieving optimal images with higher clarity and better color details at night.


IPC WizMind S series another unique feature is Image Distortion Correction that adopts distortion correction algorithm to capture more natural and more realistic video footages. Compared with previous products, activating this feature significantly reduces loss in the field of view of the scene.


Multiple Intelligent Functions

The new IPC WizMind S series offers various intelligent functions such as Video Metadata which detects human, vehicle and non-motor vehicle targets, takes snapshots, and performs accurate attribute analysis. It is also equipped with Smart Sound Detection which distinguishes between different sounds, such as screams and glass breaking. An upgraded Heat Map functionality is also available (can be used in conjunction with people counting). Other intelligent functions include: Face DetectionSmart Object Detection of abandoned or missing objects; enhanced Perimeter Protection to better recognize specific activities of human and vehicle targets, such as intrusion, tripwire, fast-moving targets, parking, loitering and gathering; and more functionalities for different applications.

Credible Adaptability

In situations where continuous 24/7 monitoring is essential, or where there is an unreliable power supply, the IPC WizMind S series provides operational flexibility in the field with dual power backup. This allows automatic switching to another power source (without restarting the IPC device) if one of the power supplies fails, ensuring continuous operation of the camera.


The H models of this series are also equipped with: P-iris precise lens aperture control, providing more accurate light input control; dual mics for longer sound pickup distance; anti-corrosion coating for use even in harsh coastal areas; and a heater that enables operation in temperature environments as low as -40oC.

Plastic-free Packaging

In terms of the environment, your conscience can remain clear because WizMind S products are supplied in environmentally friendly packaging, using plastic-free and biodegradable materials to securely package cameras and accessories including paperboard inserts, plastic-free box surface, PLA bags, and non-toxic protective box coating. It has also undergone high drop test to ensure its stability and durability.


The IPC WizMind S series is suitable for application scenarios such as sports stadia, transport hubs, busy urban settings and retail premises, as well as large remote sites that need continuous surveillance. So, if you need cameras that provide optimal performance in terms of superior image clarity, intelligent monitoring functions, accurate detection and recognition, credible adaptability, and eco-friendly packaging, then the IPC WizMind S series is an ideal choice for you.