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Dahua Full-color Cube


Dahua  Full-color Cube Camera is a unlock color magic that combines Full-color, Smart Dual Light and other technologies into infinite possibilities of innovation. It features panoramic vision, more personalized and flexible settings, intelligence at will, and future growth. The Full-color Panoramic series achieves a wider range of vision coverage by utilizing the capabilities of both Full-color Duo and PT cameras.

Full-color DUO

Seamless 180 FOV: Seamless 180° image, saving equipment cost and installation cost compared with normal camera.

Imaging Effect:Dual F1.0 Aperture Lens and Dual 1/1.8″ CMOS Sensors create a better imaging effect in low light conditions.

Easy Installation: 3-axis rotation makes installation more convenient.

EPTZ: Panoramic image with multiple target details.


Full-color PT

Pan & Tilt: Wider monitored area, less blind spots.

Easy installation and remote adjustment: Supports wall mount, ceilling mount, and various brackets, making installation and adjustment on various surface easier and more convenient.

The Full-color technology achieves 24/7 full-color images. Meanwhile, the Smart Dual Light provides a flexible solution to users who need the right lighting at the right time, enabling them to focus on the real threat in real time.

• Records full-color videos of key events when the warm light is on.

• Warm light active deterrence warns off intruders in the scene.

• Reduces light pollution in ordinary hours, making it suitable for warehouse, retail checkout, etc.

TiOC, short for Three-in-One Camera, offers full-time protection before, during, and after an event through the innovative integration of Smart Dual Light, Active Deterrence, and AI.