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Dahua Solar Camera Integrated Off-grid security solution combines 4G network transmission technology with video surveillance (including Al functions), and applies solar power technology to form an integrated off-grid monitoring system. It is suitable for non-power and grid-free environments, and brings users more comprehensive, accurate and intelligent monitoring deployment solutions.

Troublesome wiring and long construction period

Traditional outdoor monitoring installations require laying large cables and networks. For some remote areas, it is difficult to pull cables and troubleshoot.

  • In remote areas , it’s difficult to pull cables, obtain power supply and overlay network.
  • Some regions and scenes cannot be wired.
  • Long construction period, large investment.
Cumbersome installation and high project cost

Different from the traditional way, the off-grid solution uses solar energy and wireless transmission technology to meet the needs of outdoor monitoring deployment. Although it solves the problems of wiring, construction period and maintenance, there are still some shortcomings for small scenes monitoring:

  • Separate solar energy system is huge and inconvenient to transport.
  • Each part is installed independently, which is cumbersome and difficult.
  • It’s inconvenient to disassemble and transfer.
Expensive maintenance and poor system stability

Many do not support basic operation and maintenance functions, and subsequent maintenance costs are relatively high; similar products on the market have uneven quality and relatively poor system stability. Once there is a problem with the outdoor monitoring system, it is necessary to go to the site manually for troubleshooting;

  • Long-distance transmission and monitoring, inconvenient management and maintenance.
  • Without basic maintenance functions, it is impossible to obtain on-site fault data in time.


No extra network cable and power cord connection is required

The monitoring equipment is powered by the solar power generation system, without any power system cables;
The built-in 4G module of the camera is used for remote transmission of monitoring data without any network cable connection. Flexible networking and convenient deployment.

Integrated structure, convenient installation and deployment

The integrated design simplifies the installation. The whole system can be directly installed on the pole/wall, greatly reducing the construction cost. And hidden line design makes the overall system more artistic and safe.

Excellent performance and long standby time

Monocrystalline silicon solar panel and MPPT solar controller are adopted, with higher conversion efficiency. It is equipped with high-performance lithium battery and low-power 4G camera. It can also support ultra long standby without any light. It is suitable for more application scenarios that need monitoring deployment.

High protection, all-weather operation

The li-battery, controller and other key components are provided with structural protection, meeting the protection grade of IP66. It also has excellent lightning protection performance. The camera meets the protection grade of IP67. The overall structure is firm and stable. It is specifically designed for outdoor use. There is no impact in bad weather. As low as minus 40 ℃, the system can still operate normally; It is also suitable for extreme weather, such as strong wind and rainstorm.

Mobile terminal display and remote maintenance

The monitoring screen and battery information can be displayed through the mobile APP. The intrusion alarm and low battery alarm can be pushed in time, and the status of the entire monitoring system can be understood in real time.

Dahua Solar Camera in Dubai

Dahua Dubai Solar Camera
Dahua Dubai Solar Camera