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If you work in a small office where there is an advantage in being free from a desk bound phone, or on a large site where there is a need for you and your staff to have freedom of movement whilst remaining in contact, the use of a WiFi or IP DECT network will allow you to be able to keep in contact and give an instant response to inquiries.We provide all type of DECT phone Dubai

A WiFi or DECT telephone network consists of a fixed radio base station attached to the public telephone network and a wireless handset, which communicates through the base station, up to a range of 300-500m. This may be reduced by buildings or walls to around 50m. However, the range of the system can be extended by using one or more ‘repeaters’ or ‘signal boosters’ between the base station and the furthest required point or weak signal areas. Systems may be analogue or digital, but DECT systems (Digital European Cordless Telecommunications) are becoming more widespread, as they generally offer better quality speech, longer talk time and a greater operating range. The handsets also tend to be smaller, lighter and more feature-rich than analogue models, and are more secure. A DECT telephone is in effect a radio transceiver, similar to a mobile telephone. It operates from either a single base station for home and small office use, or on a network of several base stations for larger offices.

All our WiFi & IP DECT handsets have access to an incoming telephone line and can use the base station for one-to-one conversations or for paging. Once contacted a conversation can take place straight away, and there are none of the additional costs associated with using mobile phones. Handsets can communicate with each other (and conference and/or transfer calls) through the base station as internal extensions. Our DECT systems incorporate voicemail/answerphone as well as PBX functions such as call logging and Least Cost Routing (LCR).


With the new snom m3, snom offers its business customers a sophisticated IP DECT phone with its numerous functions and elegant design that ideally rounds off the range of snom tabletop phones.


In many ways, the phone functions like an ordinary analog telephone. However, because it is connected to the Internet, you have to configure your phone before it is ready for use. You will need the account information that you received from your Internet Telephony Service Provider – ITSP – to complete the configuration of your VoIP phone. If you have not registered with an Internet Telephony Service Provider yet, you need to do so before you can continue with the configuration. If the phone is to be connected to a company PBX, ask your administrator for the necessary information. These provisioning and configuration guidelines describe how to set up, configure, and manage snom m3 phones. They are targeted towards administrators who have prior experience in configuring servers and VoIP gateways for SIP and in establishing IP networks.


The snom m9 is the next generation DECT handheld that empowers users with the convenience of wireless communication along with the widely accepted benefits and feature richness of Voice-over-IP telephony. The snom m9 promises to deliver excellent speech quality.

The DECT based snom m9 is the world’s first cordless device which supports the basic functions of the Microsoft® Office Communications Server 2007 R2!

Furthermore the snom m9 naturally can be integrated into several SIP based IPPBXs. Supporting 4 concurrent calls and the ability to connect up to 9 handsets, the snom m9 provides excellent value for money and is ideally suited for business and private usage.

By combining professional functions of versatile business communication with the intuitive features of the mobile-carrier world, the snom m9 is ideally suited for professional and private use alike.

The attractive design underlined by its modern look is what defines this state of- the-art VoIP wireless telephone. With features such as hands free mode, calling line identification (CLI) by displaying name, number and image of the caller as well as typical mobile-phone features such as Address Book, Calendar, Calculator and Alarm function, the snom m9 provides the perfect blend of mobility and accessibility.

The DECT based snom m9 provides interference free communication by making use of the dedicated DECT frequency band.In addition, the snom m9 delivers the typical benefits of the DECT world such as high standby time and superior speech quality in addition to internet application integration, thus providing a decisive edge over WLAN handhelds. The working range of the snom m9 Access Point is roughly 50m indoors and approx. 300m outdoors (depending on the actual topology of a building and/or outdoor premise).

The intuitive design of the snom m9 makes it a highly consumer friendly and convenient handheld device. With its illuminated keypad and TFT color display, the cordless phone is ideally suited for Enterprise and SoHo environments alike. The menu driven graphical user interface allows intuitive usage and five navigation keys provide easy access to most of the phone functions saving users from the hassle of searching through complicated menus. Furthermore, the USB interface and the large flash-memory provide an excellent potential for future enhancements.The attractive design underlined by its modern look is what defines this state of- the-art VoIP wireless telephone.

In addition, the snom m9, boasts integration possibility with Microsoft™ Office Communications Server 2007 R2, making it the only digital cordless phone in the market to offer this benefit. A further advantage of snom m9 – the terminal already supports the latest IPv6-standard. Such features combined with automatic configuration download make the snom m9 a truly unique cordless device. device.

Last but not least, the snom m9 incorporates the renowned SIP stack from snom with its decade long proven interoperability and technology leadership.