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Grandstream IP Telephone Systems Dubai

Grandstream’s wide-range of products help to connect businesses around the world, while allowing them to accomplish more than ever before. Grandstream Telephone System combine the advantages of on premise system with agility ,flexibility and features of an VOIP Telephony. Grandstream Networks, Inc. is an award-winning designer and ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of next generation IP voice & video products for broadband networks. Grandstream’s products deliver superb sound and picture quality, rich telephony features, full compliance with industry standards, and broad interoperability with most service providers and 3rd party SIP based VoIP products.

Grandstream IP Telephone Systems Dubai is consistently recognized in the VoIP industry for their innovation, affordability and superior value in their products. Grandstream Networks is the leading manufacturer of IP voice/video telephony and video surveillance solutions. Grandstream IP Telephoen System serves the small-to-medium business and consumer markets with innovative products that lower communication costs, increase security protection, and enhance productivity. IP Telephoen System open standard SIP-based products offer broad interoperability in the industry, unrivaled features, flexibility, and price-performance competitiveness.

Grandstream Adds New Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router

Grandstream, connecting the world with unified communications and networking solutions since 2002, today released a new Wi-Fi router. The GWN7052F is a dual-band Wi-Fi router that provides 2×2:2 MU-MIMO to support Mesh networking, wired AP connections, VPN, advanced QoS, powerful security features and more. It provides Wi-Fi speeds up to 1.27Gbps, supports up to 100 concurrent clients and includes 1 Gigabit SFP port along with 4 WAN/LAN configurable ports. By providing accelerated Wi-Fi speeds with strong security protection and advanced features, the GWN7052F is the ideal router for internet service providers (ISPs), residential users and small business networks.


The GWN7052F is the latest addition to Grandstream’s GWN Series of Networking Solutions. It is built to support bandwidth-demanding applications, including smart office and home automation, 4k Ultra HD video streaming, web meetings, video conferences, online gaming and more. The GWN7052F provides a new variation of the GWN7052 that includes a Gigabit SFP port, WAN/LAN configurable ports, and 256MB RAM.

Grandstream Announces New SIP Multicast Intercom Speaker

Grandstream, connecting the world with award-winning unified communications and networking solutions, today announced a new intercom speaker. The new GSC3506 is a SIP multicast intercom speaker that provides 1-way public address speaker with a 30-watt HD speaker. Thanks to its’ modern design, cleanable exterior surface and robust speaker, the GSC3506 allows offices, schools, hospitals, apartments and similar environments to build powerful public address announcement solutions that expand security and communications.


The GSC3506 offers crystal clear HD audio functionality with a high-fidelity 30-Watt HD speaker. It supports SIP and multicast paging, group paging and push-to-talk (PTT) while adding security through built-in whitelists, blacklists and greylists to easily block unwanted calls. By pairing the GSC3506 with other Grandstream devices, including desktop and cordless IP phones as well as the GDS series of Facility Access products, users can easily sculpt a state-of-the-art security and public address solution.

Grandstream Releases Series of Hotel IP Phones

Grandstream, connecting the world with award-winning unified communications and networking solutions, today released a series of hotel IP phones. The new GHP Series of Compact Hotel IP Phones includes 8 easy-to-use models with a suite of features that can be programmed and customized to meet the needs of any hotel and their guests. These Hotel IP Phones provide a streamlined interface offered in 2 different form factors with available built-in dual-band Wi-Fi or a 10/100Mbps port in addition to white and black color options. Thanks to sleek designs and seamless interfaces, the GHP Series are the ideal fit not only for hotels but also apartments, dormitories, hospitals, retail and more.


All GHP Series models feature 2 lines, 2 SIP accounts, 10 speed-dial keys, 3-way voice conferencing, 3 or 6 programmable keys, Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC), and swappable faceplates that can be customized with any logo. These Hotel IP Phones support the full-band OPUS voice codec and include an advanced jitter-resilient algorithm that tolerates up to 30% packet loss without impacting voice quality. The GHP Series provides enterprise-level security protection including secure boot, dual firmware images, encrypted data storage and more. They can be installed on a desktop or wall-mounted. For easy deployment and management, the GHP Series is supported by the Grandstream Device Management System (GDMS), which provides a centralized cloud interface to configure, provision, manage and monitor deployments of Grandstream endpoints.

GHP620, GHP620W, GHP621, GHP621W

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