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Home Automation Systems Dubai

We install technology that controls all electrical functions in your home – from lighting and sound, to curtains and shutters, and climate control. All done with one simple command, exactly the way you like it. And in addition, turning things off is as straight forward and energy savings significant. Home Automation Systems Dubai

As technology has progressed this one-stop system can now be operated from your tablet or phone.The system is bespoke to your way of life, it allows you to have distributed audio throughout your house and garden with preset definitions, whether in the mood to dance or relax.

The ability to switch your lights on, off, dim and select different vibes. You can use one remote to control all your electronic gadgets with a simple, easy to follow on-screen menu.

Module I: HOME Control Systems

HOME Control Systems give you the power to control your home from a variety of interfaces. With this highly customizable system you can:

  • Create powerful scenes at the touch of a button; e.g. “Reading”, “Movie Time”, “Relaxing”.
  • Have LCD light switches that can be labelled to give you much more power and flexibility than with a conventionally wired house.
  • Press one button to put the property into holiday mode; turning lights on and off to simulate occupancy.
  • Control Air Conditioning and see the current temperature from your light switch, thus minimizing clutter on your wall.
  • Control a variety of appliances such as fans, water heaters and curtain tracks from your light switch, again minimizing the impact on your interior design.

We can design systems to integrate, control and / or manage all the technological products in your property if required.

We offer a range of our own control systems to allow you to manage a wide range of disparate technologies from a single point. Our systems integrate via a number of different protocols including Ethernet, RS232, USB, Radio Frequency and Infra Red, allowing you to enjoy your technology wherever, however and whenever you want. Integration options include:

  • Environmental requirements such as heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC), lights, appliances, curtains and blinds.
  • Communications such as telephone, email, Internet, intercom, and video conferencing.
  • Entertainment systems such as TV, satellite, DVD, audio and home cinema.
  • Security systems such as the alarm, digital surveillance, and access control.

We produce customized solutions for the above based on your requirements and budget utilizing a standardized portfolio of products that are tried and tested.

Module II: HOME Security

HOME Security is a flexible and powerful system that can work in conjunction with HOME Control Systems. Our range of products is highly scalable, suitable for single installations through to managing the requirements of large residential towers. Advantages of our system include:

  • Have your security system telephone you, your neighbours or centralized security when your alarm goes off.
  • Ensure the safety of elderly relatives and children.
  • Enjoy keyless entry to your property using the latest in access control technology.
  • The HOME Security system can be used as an intercom system if required.
  • Keep an eye on your property when you are away by remotely accessing it over the Internet.
  • Integrates with HOME Lifestyle software and hardware for total home control.

The security of your property is paramount, and the design, specification, functionality and integration of the systems can be tailored to your specific needs. Our design team can provide a full range of detection, protection and alarm solutions based around your requirements.

Module III: HOME Motorized Curtains and Blinds

HOME Motorized Curtains and Blinds are bespoke, made-to-order and we are able to provide automation for virtually any blind or window treatment. Benefits of using our range of Motorized Curtains and Blinds include:

  • Protect your property when you are away by simulating occupancy.
  • Protect valuable furniture from the sun by automatically closing at certain times of day.
  • Save time by automatically opening in the morning and closing in the evening.
  • Perfectly complement your home cinema – dim the lights and close the curtains or blinds for the perfect movie experience!
  • Seamlessly integrates with HOME Control Systems and the HOME Lifestyle range of products.

Module IV: HOME Digital Media

Multi-room audio/video systems allow you to enjoy your media from anywhere in your property. Whether you have MP3, Internet radio, CD, DVD, satellite, cable or digital media, a multi-room solution will allow you to experience any source in any room at any time.

Discreet wall or ceiling speakers and amplifiers, in conjunction with local control interfaces, removes the need for installing unsightly equipment in every room.

  • Media Servers allow you to share audio, video, photographs and data files in every room in the property.
  • We also provide mid-range home cinema systems, with drop down projectors, projector screens and surround sound capabilities.
  • We offer a range of centralized digital signage solutions for offices, hospitals and e-Government applications.
  • Our technology partners for Digital Media include Intel, Microsoft and Opus Technologies.

Module V: HOME Lifestyle

The range of HOME Lifestyle products has been designed to control your entire property from a number of different interfaces including in-wall and portable touch screens, PCs, laptops, smart phones and PDAs. Developed by HOME AUTOMATION, together with our partners, this system is designed to allow affordable, powerful and simple interfacing into the control systems of a property.

Take complete control of your environment – trigger scenes for activities, control individual devices or monitor your security systems.

  • Control lighting, appliances, security, climate and media from simple, intuitive interfaces, including voice and remotely over the Internet.
  • Turn everything off with a touch of a button when you leave for work in the morning and enjoy welcoming lighting in the evening.
  • Automatically switch lights on and off when you are away to simulate occupancy.
  • Adjust the climate control system from the airport while returning from holiday.