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The new digital broadcast technology IPTV, VoD and Hybrid solutions via satellite and/or OTT solution makes this desire and vision come true. The end user can receive their service in high digital quality either via Set Top Boxes at home, via PC player solution at home or anywhere using the internet as well as via player applications on mobile devices. The user gets all the services individually, personalized and most secure. Our experts in Dubai understand IPTV solutions and the challenge to implement turn key solutions into the networks better than anyone else. We have managed multiple implementations for IPTV and VoD in IP, cable and Hybrid solutions in Dubai, UAE. We are very familiar with the technology of the key suppliers for the Broadcast head end, Middleware, DRM solutions as well as STB applications and integration into OSS/BSS and the core network.

Avdio/Video Streaming Products

Streamron audio/video streaming products represent a state-of-the art platform for delivering IP-based audio and video streams along with other content on TV screens. Streamron is built on top of the Linux OS.

Streamron IPTV Gateway – DVB to IP Gateway Solution

The Streamron IPTV Gateway captures live TV and radio channels from local cable operators and terrestrial and satellite receivers and transmits them over IP networks. Live audio/video content is received from various sources, such as DVB, ATSC or analogue transponders, SHOUTcast, IceCast, MMS, Motion JPEG, Composite S-Video and UHF/VHF sources. Audio/video sources are captured and processed using standard off-the-shelf tuner cards. The Streamron DVB to IP gateway supports the capture and transmission of FTA (free to air) or non-FTA video sources.

Essential Features

The Linux-based Streamron technology is exceptional for preserving network bandwidth, which is very useful for low bandwidth networks. Based on API support, the Streamron IPTV Gateway can be managed and incorporated within 3rd party applications, such as IPTV middleware, digital signage, security and other video based applications.

Streamron IPTV VOD – VOD software or solution

Streamron IPTV VOD is part of the IPTV headend or standalone product that enables the management, control and distribution of audio and video content upon the user’s demand. The Streamron VOD software represents a modern way of replacing VCR-based user experiences and replaces traditional known services such as video rental shops.

Essential Features

The Linux based Streamron VOD solution supports trick play functionality such as play/pause, fast forward, fast rewind, nVOD content scheduling and playlist streaming and many other advanced VOD functionality. Further on, Streamron IPTV VOD allows watching full HD and SD movies and listening to favourite music using local or remote data / file storage.

Streamron Hybrid – IPTV multicast and UDP unicast as standalone solution

The Streamron Hybrid’s primary purpose is transmitting real-time audio and video content over an IP network by iptv multicast and udp unicast distribution method at the same time. By combining all the IPTV software (DVB to IP software and VOD software), this product is optimized for smaller IPTV projects.

Main Hybrid Benefits

With the Streamron Hybrid, all the available audio / video streaming functionality (“tv over ip – transmission of live audio / video feeds over an IP network” and “on demand streaming of audio and video files – VOD and nVOD”) are incorporated into one product.

The Linux OS based Streamron Hybrid enables easier system administration while all the “live iptv” and “video on demand” functionalities are on the same physical server. Based on its simplicity and API support, it can be integrated with various 3rd party applications, such as IPTV middleware for example.

Top Streaming Capabilities

The specially designed Streamron architecture and algorithms enable the most efficient transmission of audio/video content over IP networks, even on low-specification hardware platforms.

Multicast, Unicast and HTTP Progressive Streaming

Streamron live streaming technology transmits various audio/video live feeds and/or pre-recorded audio/video files over IP network using multicast or unicast techniques.

Essential Features

Content delivery algorithms, web management, monitoring and API support for integration with 3rd party solutions are standard features of Streamron live audio/video streaming products.

Areas of Use

As an indispensable part of any IPTV ecosystem, Streamron products are ideal for integrating with 3rd party IPTV middleware, digital signage, surveillance or any other audio/video-based technologies or projects developed or constructed by telecommunication (Telco) and TV operators, ISP providers, OTT developers, system integrators, advertising providers, surveillance or any other providers of audio/video based IP services.

Nevron A/V Streaming Products

Streamron IPTV streaming technology is available in various IPTV video streaming products, each designed for different usage purposes. The core Nevron IPTV audio/video streaming products are the Streamron DVB to IP Gateway for live streaming (live feeds) and Streamron IPTV VOD for pre-recorded nVOD and VOD – video on demand file streaming.

IPTV Middleware Products

Powered by Nevron’s cutting edge IPTV middleware technology “Axon”, Nevron is offering a range of IPTV products, which bring an amazing interactive TV experience to users ranging from hotel guests to residents in their homes. Flexibility, modularity, expansibility and high performance capabilities are just some of the characteristics of Nevron connected TV technology. The Axon IPTV middleware head-end is built on top of the Linux OS.

Nevron Hospitality TV

Nevron Hospitality TV represents a first-class IPTV solution responding to the needs of the ever more demanding hospitality market and fast changing TV industry. With its innovative IPTV technologies, Nevron is bringing an amazing interactive TV experience to TV users such as hotel guests.

Nevron Channel Navigator – IPTV service

Some IPTV project requirements need nothing more than standard television experiences over an IP network infrastructure, without any need for an interactive portal for the viewers. The most essential user experience is viewing and navigating through the available TV channels, which is provided by Nevron Channel Navigator.

Advanced Features

The IPTV service for viewing and navigating through TV and radio channels based on the Nevron Navigator is enriched with various advanced features, such as EPG functionality. Another advanced feature is the personalization of the TV channel lists, which is especially useful in hospitality projects for hotel guests, who usually watch TV channels in their native languages.

Administration Possibilities

Nevron Channel Navigator provides simple and powerful management and maintenance possibilities, such as channels list configuration, set-top-box configuration, live stb and system monitoring and remote maintenance (e.g. reboot option, automatic system update, etc.). Also supported are functions such as Parental Control. The Nevron Channel Navigator user interface is available in more than 10 languages.

Essential IPTV Components

Channel Navigator is most elementary version of Nevron IPTV Middleware technology. An essential component of this IPTV architecture is the live streaming server, which captures live TV and radio channels from cable, terrestrial and satellite receivers and transmits them over IP networks. This could be the Streamron IPTV Gateway or any other similar live streaming server.

ALL-IN-ONE Hospitality TV – IPTV server & software for small hotels

Nevron has designed a superior, fast, reliable and innovative ALL-IN-ONE Hospitality TV solution, which is specially adapted for smaller IPTV projects, such as hotels with up to 50, 30, 20 or even just 10 rooms. For the ALL-IN-ONE Hospitality TV solution, all the required Nevron TV technologies are assembled into one, easy to use IPTV server.

Nevron IPTV Cloud 

The Nevron IPTV Cloud represents state-of-the-art technology for establishing a centralized IPTV platform. Along with home users, the Nevron IPTV Cloud platform is especially designed for B2B clients, such as hotels, hospitals or apartment surroundings, to get access to IPTV services run by operators from remote locations.

Operators of the centralized Nevron IPTV platform provide cloud-based IPTV services to their B2B clients rather than IPTV products themselves. On the other hand, B2B clients can avoid purchase and maintenance costs of their own IPTV headend equipment and at the same time provide the end-users – e.g. hotel guests, with IPTV services that are accessible over a fast bandwidth network and charged for by operators using subscription business models.

Client Identity Remains Unique

Despite the IPTV services running in a cloud, each hotel, hospital or any other client preserves its own identity. This means that for each client, hotel or hospital for example, a unique profile is created and configured according to its needs. The TV portal design, access rights, list of available IPTV services or advertising campaigns of native client services are entirely adjusted to the specific client.

Top Technical Features

The Nevron IPTV Cloud is a top scalable and modular platform with premium performance capabilities, which can scale up to handle many hundreds of thousands of subscribers, independently of the number of sub-operators and can handle multiple Gigabits of traffic ( N x 10 GigE).

The Nevron IPTV Cloud platform is designed to be run by telecom, cable and other IPTV, ISP or OTT operators who can assure QoS (Quality of Services), which is highly important for B2B clients of IPTV services.

Top Benefits

Along with investment and maintenance cost optimization when serving multiple locations with IPTV services, some other benefits arise from the centralization of the whole IPTV operation.

Configurations for many IPTV service features could be done once at a central location instead of separately for each location. An example of this kind of configuration is the modification of existing TV channel scheme.

Furthermore, troubleshooting on the IPTV head-end is handled from a single location and redundancy equipment is also only needed at the central location.

IPTV Equipment

In addition to IPTV head-end technology, Nevron provides some other essential IPTV equipment that is needed for any IPTV project to be carried out successfully.

The most important part of IPTV equipment are the so-called IPTV set-top-boxes, but COAX ON enablers, IPTV switches, IPTV remote controllers, IR receivers, IR keyboards, HDMI and other types of cables are also very important equipment.

IPTV Equipment product Categories


    The most effective STB equipment at an affordable price. Set-top-boxes, IR remote controllers and other STB equipment are essential components of any IPTV project. The Android-based set-top-box FaSTBox is one of the most interesting and also most affordable set-top-boxes on today’s market.


    DVB components that enable the reception of TV and radio channels from satellite, cable or terrestrial transmitters and the decryption of encrypted TV channels.


    Reliable and properly configured IPTV switches and IP COAX enablers are just two of the most important IPTV network components. If a CAT5/6 network is not available, IP COAX enablers make the existing COAX infrastructure able to support IP-based data distribution.


    Accessories for fast, simple and smooth IPTV infrastructure installation.