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SMATV Dubai – CENTRALIZED SATELLITE DISH NETWORK IN DUBAI. Digital Satellite Master Antenna Television (SMATV) is a cost effective type of TV distribution system which would suit communal properties such as hotels, bars, office blocks, hospitals or prisons – anywhere that you would want to control the TV channel line up over multiple TVs. Digital SMATV is designed to capture and decrypt (as necessary) a chosen selection of channels which are then combined onto a coaxial cable distribution system for viewing on a standard Freeview Digital TV receiver at the outlets of the system. There is no need for set top boxes, reducing a risk of theft and clutter. Hotels, Resorts, Hospitals, Bars, Apartments, Dormitories, and Prisons SMATV delivers a distributed digital signal throughout your facility and can even include your local off-air channels. The system is your alternative to cable television because it allows you to customize your programming according to your audience’s needs and desires. Instead of choosing from cable-television’s standard programming packages, you design your own channel line-up.

We caters a broad list of commercial client a part of SMATV/CATV installation. We have designed and installed systems with a solid understanding and the requirement of this technology advanced sector. We are uniquely in positioned to take for the more in depth designs and large installation whilst in keeping with the time pressure of such clients.

With the 12 years’ experience in satellite sector we have designed supplied and installed satellite reception in a large scale high rise buildings throughout Dubai, UAE.

Not having to pay for “filler” channels that no one watches can greatly reduce your entertainment operating costs. SMATV DUBAI Consider these other benefits:

  • SMATV’s direct satellite feed offers superior reception on all channels, on every TV
  • SMATV provides custom and specialty programming to attract guests and tenants
  • SMATV’s private entertainment delivery is stable and well established.
  • SMATV’s systems require very little maintenance and are simple to operate.
  • SMATV’s system, including installation, equipment, and programming, can cost less than half of a traditional cable television system.

SMATV systems are useful in and needed in:

  • Residential buildings blocks
  • Local authority buildings
  • Dormitories & Camps
  • Home distribution in Villas
  • Schools
  • Health clubs
  • Oil Platforms and Rigs.

AIGER TECHNOLOGY  have strong team to execute SMATV Solution for Commercial Building, Villas and Flats.Distribution of television signal, satellite and terrestrial, digital and analogue. SMATV Head-Ends, Amplifiers & Converters.Satellite System Receive signals from Nilesat, Arabsat,Intelsat Satellite.

CmmDubai deals EuroStar , Televes , Humax

Products include:

  • Dish 90,120 & 130
  • Amplifiers
  • Multiswitcher
  • Cascadable Switcher
  • Multiband Amplifiers
  • Line Amplifiers
  • Quartrro LNB
  • Indoor Home Amplifiers
  • Single Channel Amplifiers and Active Filters
  • Channel converters
  • Taps
  • Splitters
  • I.F. to I.F. Satellite Head-End
  • Analogue and Digital satellite Head-Ends.

Our SMATV Services include:

  • Designing a custom satellite distribution solution for your property
  • Pre-wiring and termination of cable at each location specified at the apartment
  • Maintenance of the distribution network
  • Installations, Relocations, Subscription renewal services for the customers

SMATV Systems enhance building services, protect buildings from damage and unsightly installation of satellite antennas and provide building owners and landlords with a solution that meets both their needs and the needs of their residents. With the huge amount of planning that goes into any development sound advice from the start is critical.

We work closely with Architects, Interior Designers, Property Developers, Building/Construction Companies & Building Owners to ensure throughout the installation, from the initial design stage to the final commissioning of the network, a high standard of work is maintained. Our highly trained and experience installation and network support teams are on-hand to offer their full support throughout the installation and thereafter.


IRS collects the broadcast signals from terrestrial (analogue & digital) and satellite transmitters, as well as FM radio and the new Digital Audio Broadcasts (DAB). All of these signals are then distributed via a single cable to a 3 socket wall outlet plate in the main rooms of the home, the cables are screened from electrical interference and the system can deliver all available TV channels to the resident, including both analogue and digital terrestrial, and digital satellite (with the addition of a minidish). IRS systems are equally suited to multiple dwelling units or single homes.

Installing IRS means that purchasers are free to decide to either connect their existing TV equipment to the system to pick up the existing analogue signals (until they are switched off), or to take up digital satellite or digital terrestrial television, now or in the future.

This solution means that the builder installing IRS does not have to favour any one particular supplier of TV programming. The choice is left to the customer.


A multitude of commercial premises including hotels, offices, housing developments and holiday parks, now utilise some form of structured cable system to supply an array of different programmes and information services to their end-user customers.

These modern ‘Multi point’ distribution systems normally incorporate a form of MATV system (Master Antenna Television), which is dependent upon the client’s specific needs. While MATV systems may vary in size and complexity, the basic structure of the system includes The Head End System & The Distribution System.

AIGER TECHNOLOGY can bring you customer-tailored CCTV, Digital Signage, SMATV, Digital Headend and IPTV turnkey solutions that have proven successful with a wide range of customers throughout the global satellite television market. Our highly trained and experience installation and network support teams are on-hand to offer their full support throughout the installation and thereafter. We are confident that we have the experience, expertise and knowledge to provide you with a professional and tailored service.

Together with associated channel partners Kromtek offers installation and network distribution solutions for satellite TV reception & distribution. Kromtek has a reputation for professionalism, technical expertise, superior service and quality.

True HD Headends

Kromtek offers True HD Headends that are a complete solution for digital distribution of Satellite TV for Cable operators, Hospitals, Residential Campuses, Residential Townships, University classrooms, prisons etc. Our digital and IPTV headends supports High Definition (HD) as well as 3D and can distribute Video, Audio and Data along the same network in a secure manner. We help you to increase the channel offering across your network without loss in quality. Its flexible and modular design helps to customize the solution to your business need.

Whether it is a new headend or an upgrade to your existing headend, AIGER TECHNOLOGY has the technology and the professionals who can tackle the task at hand. Kromtek’s headend solutions are highly scalable and cost-effective systems for deploying multiple services via both set-top-boxes (Interface Units – IU) and HPNA modems over the same coaxial cable/hybrid fibre-coaxial network.

Our headends includes products for content acquisition, signal processing functions and digital backbone transmission. It consists of a full range of digital functions with user friendly, simple control and management tools. The modular system supports newer services and technologies such as Mpeg­4, 3D and HDTV.

The content acquisition portion of our headends are capable of receiving digital video with the capability to receive Mpeg­2 or Mpeg­4 encrypted video on standard or HDTV format.

General Features True HD Headends

High Quality – 100% digital.
High Definition (HD) Capable
Multi- Input Support
Extended channel line-up
Concealable in-room HD Interface Unit
Customizable, Flexible and Scalable
And much more…
CCTV & Surveillance Systems

CCTV is a must-have security solution for leading corporate, public institutions, financial institutions, property developers, Shopping Malls, Retailers, Airports, Sea Ports and so on. AIGER TECHNOLOGY together with it expertise in CCTV System at affordable budgets. CCTV cameras are available in either monochrome (black and white) or color. The different types of cameras are Board CCTV cameras, Bullet CCTV cameras, Fixed Dome or Vandal Proof cameras, Fixed CCTV cameras (also called Static cameras), Zoom cameras, PTZ (Pan, Tilt, Zoom) cameras, High Speed Dome cameras and IP Network Cameras.

We have different types of solutions to suit your needs:

Basic CCTV Surveillance Systems:

AIGER TECHNOLOGY offers affordable CCTV packages for business environments. These usually include a set of Video Surveillance Cameras, a Viewing Monitor and a Digital Video Recorder (DVR). They are useful in retail stores to deter and monitor shoplifting. These systems also find its application in monitoring building entrances, loading docks, stadiums etc. Another functional possibility is remote video auditing of stock room or ware house.

Integrated IP-Video Surveillance

AIGER TECHNOLOGY can help customers manage and integrate large-scale IP video solutions. This includes integration of advanced technology in Video Surveillance with Intrusion Detection, Access Control and perimeter protection solutions that integrate with IT networks.

Digital Video Management and Storage Solutions

AIGER TECHNOLOGY offers solutions for all digital video recording and video footage storage needs. The solutions are programmable and offer motion detection for specified areas and smart search capabilities.

Digital Signage Solutions

Digital signage enables a business to effectively communicate with the customer by providing prominent, timely and cost-effective customized messages. Digital signage solution is widely used in shopping malls, airports and complexes where customers are attracted by bright and shiny electronic screens. Its role in information, advertising and entertainment is being recognized by more and more retailers.

AIGER TECHNOLOGY installs and runs internal screen networks. This type of media can be installed in retail stores, Health Centers, Hospitals and many other places. The functions of digital signage are two fold, we educate the customer on the one hand and on the other we offer marketing opportunities for potential advertisers looking for more exposure.


Small dimensions – module height fits comfortably behind displays
Supports multi-display
High-speed Gigabit Ethernet

AIGER TECHNOLOGY provide a world class media network to brand marketers, retailers and advertising agencies wanting to take advantage of the unique opportunities provided by a digital media network.

The digital Signage solutions are useful in events such as Product Promotions, Trade Show Displays, Corporate Events, Convention Centers and Conferences.

AIGER TECHNOLOGY provides an inexpensive solution for managing multimedia content on in-store television or plasma screens.

Electronic display panels like plasma screens, television screens or LCD screens are strategically placed in areas that have a regular flow of shoppers. Targeted multimedia messages for advertising, information and education can be broadcast to out-of-home locations including shopping centers and theaters.

Networks allow content to be quickly distributed. The DDS network consists of a number of terminals or in-store PCs – all with Internet connectivity.

A digital signage system gives your business the opportunity to entice customers, promote products and increase sales through the use of digital media files using plasma, LCD and projection systems.

Increase Product Awareness
Promote Specials
Update Advertising and Promotional Material Remotely
Increase Walk-In Customer Numbers
Improve your Businesses Image

Digital signage solutions can be used for:

Retail Signage and POS Displays
Plasma, LCD and Projector Signs
Point of Purchase Product Ads
Advertising Signs
Merchandising Signs
Window displays
Fast Food Menu Boards
Information Signs
Dynamic Shopping Center Diagrams
and much much more.

Typical locations include:

Retail stores, chemists, newsagents, real estate agencies, car dealerships, CD and Video stores, travel agencies, restaurants, showrooms, hotels, motels, pubs and museums.

Provide information effectively to customers in banks, ticket offices, airports and stations and many more locations.

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